Can You Have Hardwood Floors in Wet, Humid Areas Like Jacksonville?

In the past, the common advice for those seeking hardwood floors was to avoid that type of flooring if the home was in a wet, humid area. The reason for this advice was that solid hardwood flooring, flooring where the planks are made of solid wood, would not stand up to high-moisture. Many problems can occur wen solid wood is exposed to moisture, and those include warping, buckling, splitting, and discoloration. Today, however, homeowners have another option. And that option is engineered hardwood flooring.

At About Floors n' More in Jacksonville, FL, we know that many of our customers want hardwood flooring, but may be concerned that we live in an area that is too humid, too wet, or too hot. We recommend to these customers that they look into engineered hardwood flooring which can easily stand up to all of these climate problems...and more!

Engineered flooring is constructed differently than solid wood flooring, and that is the key to why engineered wood can be used in areas where you should never even consider installing solid wood. In our area of Florida, engineered wood is the way to get hardwood flooring that looks great, lasts for years, and does not suffer from moisture issues.

We carry nearly 70 different engineered hardwood flooring systems for our customers. These are from some of the most respected flooring manufacturers in the world. You will find systems from companies such as Mohawk, Mannington, Harris Wood, and Columbia Flooring. We also offer you great prices. Our current Mohawk sale is certainly worth looking into and it will last until 31 October.

You will be pleased to know that we can also install your new wood flooring to perfection. Because we only sell engineered wood floors, you can have new flooring installed anywhere in the home or office, even below grade! Our installers are all experts at installing wood flooring, and they know exactly what needs to be done in every installation that they do for our customers. And, please keep in mind, that the brand names we sell are all backed up by exceptional warranties that protect your investment for years.

If you are thinking of new flooring, and want to look into the many wonderful options you now have in wood flooring, visit About Floors n More and let us show you some of the best hardwood flooring in Jacksonville, FL.