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Can waterproof flooring be floating?

Waterproof flooring can easily be floated if you choose luxury vinyl materials, often floated in various rooms of your home. Today, we will discuss some facts about this choice and how it is accomplished, so be sure to read along for information you can use.

Floating waterproof floors can happen

Since luxury vinyl flooring is ultimately waterproof, they can easily be floated, which you will appreciate as soon as the installation is complete. Click and lock material features work well for this need, as the pieces click together and lock into place.

Loose-lay vinyl is another floating material that offers the impressive ability to lay in place and excellent benefits. Working off a friction-based installation, you'll find these floors are just as easy to take up as they are to put down.

These floors still provide the same outstanding benefits in stunning visuals and durability, and they can last more than 20 years when professionally installed and regularly maintained. So it's a perfect choice for even your busiest spaces.

If you’re looking for a floating waterproof floor, we’ll make sure you find all the materials that might best fit your requirements. Then, let us know how we can assist you when you visit our showroom at your convenience.

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