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Can luxury vinyl plank flooring be steam cleaned?

When you choose the perfect new luxury vinyl flooring, you'll want to know how to keep them clean. Cleaning and maintenance can help achieve the proper lifespan for years to come.

You might wonder if steam cleaning is a reasonable maintenance choice; it's not something we advise. Instead, here are some facts that will help you understand why you don't want to steam clean your luxury vinyl plank flooring.

Steam cleaning uses excessive heat and pressure

These floors are 100% waterproof, but that's not why steam cleaning is a bad idea. Instead, it's the excessive heat and pressure that causes problems.

Pressurized water can push between the seams in luxury vinyl flooring. And the extensive heat can damage the vinyl, especially over time.

Instead of steam cleaning

There are plenty of great ways to clean your luxury vinyl plank flooring without steam cleaning. Start by sweeping up dirt and debris and then follow with a damp mop with a recommended cleaner.

Avoid abrasive cleaners and tools to ensure the best results for your cleaning. This provides a great clean and a longer lifespan to go along with it.

You can also use area rugs or matsin your busiest rooms to keep dirt and traffic off your floors. This makes cleaning luxury vinyl flooring easier and faster, all at the same time.

If you still have questions about cleaning these materials, visit us any time. We have answers that are sure to help you care for your floors.

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