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Can I install waterproof flooring in my living room?

Can I install waterproof flooring in my living room?

Yes, you can, and you probably should, at least here in Jacksonville. First, Florida is humid and subtropical, but in the winter it also gets very dry. Real wood, in an effort to adjust to the weather, can expand (in moisture) or contract (in dry). While this flooring gives you the rich look of wood or the high design of tile, it’s completely waterproof so that issue is eliminated.

Let’s not forget that Florida is no stranger to tropical storms or hurricanes, and that leads to flooding.

What most people don’t understand, though, that it’s not just the weather condition outside that can harm you, but it’s also the inside of your home. While the living area doesn’t have the kitchen appliances, such as the dishwasher, that can flood the water and moisture can easily spread to other rooms.

Washing machine hoses are big culprits; when they become corroded, they flood in a big way. Depending on the location, that can also spread if it floods. Also, think of patio doors. Many times they open from the living room. I can think of one example right now. Especially if you have a pool, people could be tracking water and moisture into that room.

The special core makes the flooring not only waterproof but also thicker and resistant to scratches, dents, and stains. The holidays are around the corner and you might be entertaining a lot, which means your floors will take a lot of punishment and wear and tear, what with running kids, heavy foot traffic, and spilled food and liquid.

As stylish as it is functional

Waterproof and durability worries are eliminated, but this wood-look or tile-look flooring evokes images of high end, classic homes. What it is, is an advanced version of luxury vinyl, so you get all of the same varieties of species, colors, patterns, and designs as you would otherwise, but with a special core that gives it the highest level of waterproof, moisture resistance and resilient.

You can still get all the latest trends, such as gray wood floors or colorful tile looks to give pops of color and the retro look. Of course, you can be traditional with dark floors. Because of the texturing, there are no flat images; a floor can be a wire-brushed, distressed or antiqued wood-look.

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