Tile backsplash from About Floors n More in Jacksonville, FL

Can I have a backsplash even if I have windows?

Yes. While it wasn't so long ago that standard backsplashes were only about six inches high and placed behind the range or sink to catch splatters, these days, they make big statements, wrapping around storage shelves, counters and windows. It's the backsplash that often creates the kitchen focal point.

While they can be created from many materials, your best bet would be using tiles since they come in all shapes and sizes. Especially with the large assortment of colors, patterns, and designs, it will also be a chance for you to flex your creative juices, and this might be the time you consider a design consultation to keep balance, proportion, and coordination in check.

What do I do if I have two kitchen windows parallel to each other?

Kitchens should have a lot of natural light and if you're lucky enough to have this, take advantage of the multi-functional design concept. Wrap the backsplash around the windows and their frames and sills. The backsplash doesn't replace the window but, rather, accessories it. 

If there's space between the windows, use that area to create some decoration, be it a unique theme or medallion. That can become the kitchen's "centerpiece." Mosaics, those tiny, often glass-coated ceramics, are often used for wall or floor decor; another idea is to add some architectural interest by creating a design from stone tiles. Nothing needs to be a perfect match; be sure they coordinate and accent each other.

What should I do if I have an odd-shaped window in my bath?

Florida homes have some big, luxurious bathrooms with even bigger picture windows that overlook landscape or water. Take advantage of that view while adding some functionality by building some shelves on the wall next to or under the window. Then create a backsplash that wraps all around it. 

We'll help you create a stunning backsplash. For some inspiration and a free estimate, come into the About Floors ‘n More showroom in Jacksonville or Mandarin, Fl., especially if you're a homeowner in Jacksonville, Atlantic Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, and Neptune. While there, don't forget to inquire about your free estimate for your backsplash project.