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Can backsplash tile go over drywall?

When you’re looking to create a phenomenal glass or tile backsplash, you’re sure to have plenty of questions regarding the materials themselves and the installation process that goes along with them. For instance, many homeowners have asked if backsplash tile can go over drywall, and we're going to look into that question in today’s post.

Drywall and backsplash installation

A tile backsplash can be installed over drywall as long as the surface is smooth, flat, and completely clean. If there are any grease or food particles left, the materials will not adhere properly, causing tile separation problems in the future.

Preparation is the key to installing ceramic, porcelain, or glass tiles to ensure that tiles are not misaligned. Once a firm and smooth foundation is established, your tiles can be set for a beautiful lifespan that can often last more than 50 years or more.

For brand new drywall, the area is prepped by inspecting it first and then sealing any seams. This can be followed by sanding, wiping, and priming, but be sure to prime an area larger than what you expect to utilize for tile placement.

If your drywall has been in place for some time, molding, outlet covers and switch plates, and any other attached hardware must be removed. Dust oil and grease are extracted with an ammonia-based cleaner, followed by spackling where necessary, sanding, priming, and sealing.

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