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Can backsplash be installed before countertops?

During more extensive remodels, homeowners often ask questions about the installation order for all the new products put in the room. Today, we're going to answer your questions about whether backsplashes can be installed before countertops, so read along for the answer you want and need.

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Under almost all circumstances, countertops are installed before the backsplash because the counter is a more fixed piece, while a backsplash is more flexible during installation. We will add the countertops and then bring the regular or glass tile backsplash down to meet the surface or back lip of the countertop so that a proper seal can be made for protection.

Another reason counters come first is that it's easier to change your mind on a backsplash material than countertops. Once your countertops are installed, they can change the entire look of the space, especially underneath your specific lighting, and the glass or tile backsplash you chose may no longer be as perfect a fit as you thought.

We can give you far more details when you visit us and speak with a designer. So be sure to stop by any time to find out more about your options.

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