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Below grade bests: What is the best flooring for my basement?

So, you are finishing off your basement, perhaps adding a bedroom or a clubroom, and are looking at flooring. Which one will be best? Which one will serve your needs? We have answers and we have options.

Your purpose

The reality is that many lines of flooring are designed to be installed in below-grade rooms in your house, so one of the questions you need to ask upfront is, "What kind of room are you flooring?" For instance, an added bedroom or guest room would require different considerations than a workout room or a den.


Carpeting is a good option for just about any space in your home. When it comes to the basement, they can be installed wall to wall over the padding or they can be glued down directly to the floor. Were you finishing off a home gym, a glue down carpet might be your best option. Were you finishing off a guest room, a wall to wall installation over a good quality pad will give your floor a soft feel and the padding will help insulate from the cold concrete underneath.

Engineered hardwood

Because of the popularity of hardwood flooring, people yearned for it in their basements where moisture levels would warp ordinary solid hardwood. So, designers then developed the engineered hardwood floor. These floors have a layer of hardwood on the top that is mounted on a plywood backing. The plywood stabilizes the hardwood from warping due to moisture and thus provides a beautiful hardwood floor that can be installed in the basement either as a floating floor or as a direct glue-down.

Laminate flooring

Laminate floors are designed to handle moisture and are essentially a waterproof floor. They have a picture of hardwood mounted on a tough, durable foundation. Waterproof materials underneath prevent the floor from absorbing water and also help to dampen the sound underfoot. They are durable and provide excellent options for basements. Because of their resilience to water, they also make good options for a den where drinks or food might be spilled while watching the big game.


Ceramic and Porcelain tile, when properly installed, provides a solid, waterproof floor that will last a lifetime. They come in various colors, styles, and textures to suit any style you are wanting and in our Florida climate, they can even be installed outside. These are especially well suited for areas like dens where water or spills might take place.

Luxury vinyl flooring

For waterproof floors, there is luxury vinyl. They are made from recycled plastics and vinyl and thus are impervious to moisture. Luxury vinyl planks are designed to look like hardwood and luxury vinyl tiles are designed to look like tile flooring. They provide a beautiful floor that is suitable for anything from a club room to an exercise room or guest room, and they wear remarkably well. They are truly a great flooring for anywhere in your house, but especially for basements.

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