Decorative backsplash standing out in a beautiful Atlantic Beach, FL kitchen

Backsplashes are functional and decorative

A new backsplash can give your kitchen an updated look along with a spatter of color. It can also protect your walls from water and food prep mishaps. Custom backsplashes are created as a covering for the wall behind your stove and sink and between your counters and cabinets. About Floors n’ More is a backsplash retailer that has a showroom in Jacksonville, Florida. We can add some pizzazz to your kitchen by installing a trendy backsplash. We have all the latest styles, and we offer a wide range of flooring products and flooring installation too.


Tile is the most popular choice for a kitchen backsplash. Stone, glass, metal, and ceramic tile is available, some of which feature colorful images like flowers or geometric patterns. Tile comes in many shapes, and each can be used to produce different styles.

●Rectangular - ideal if you want to have an offset, repeating pattern
●Square - often comes in varying patterns that can be used to create interesting designs
●Random - usually has an intricate look that acts as a focal point in the kitchen
●Circular - comes in a variety of sizes and colors that can be randomly combined
●Diamond - has a simple repeating pattern that is elegant and pleasant to look at

Natural stone

Since natural stone varies widely, you can get a unique look for your kitchen backsplash if you use this material. Stone needs to be sealed regularly to keep it free from stains and other damage. Travertine is a popular product that gives you an Old-World look. It is made of limestone and available in many sizes up to 18 inches square. Marble is top of the line stone that can also be used for countertops. The manufactured stone veneer is composed of cement. It doesn’t need to be grouted.

Backsplashes are both functional and decorative. For a contemporary look in a small kitchen, consider extending backsplash tiling to wrap around the room to expand its size. About Floors n’ More can help you from the decision phase of your project to installation. We have served the areas of Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra Beach & Neptune Beach, and Atlantic Beach, FL for many years. You can request a free in-home estimate online. Financing is available with a Mohawk credit card.