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Backsplash trends

A backsplash can serve a variety of purposes, including protecting your wall and creating a beautiful, decorative space in your kitchen or bathroom. Many homeowners depend on current trends to make sure their look is fresh and contemporary.

If you’re wondering what particular trends are current, we’re about to tell you. If you’d like to discuss the ways those trends can be implemented for your own home, we encourage you to stop by to discuss your specific situation in detail.

Keeping up with backsplash options

You may have heard that black is always in style, and that seems to remain true today. For a product that will match nearly every color and style option, or give you the contrast you’re looking for, black tile could be the material to get the job done. Turn the contrast up a notch by adding white grout.

Glass tile
is another trend that is not only current but practically timeless. Since oversize glass tiles can cater to the latest trend, you can add contrast, texture, or 3-D images to make your customized space spring to life.

For those who turn this area of their kitchen wall into an ornamental statement, decorative tile is a great choice. This trend allows you and your design team to experiment with color, styles, patterns, textures, and more, to create a space that speaks volumes without ever saying a word.

Another trend that seeks to combine gorgeous visuals with streamlined functionality is shelving. This is a great way to truly utilize this particular space or create a new area where décor can be put on display, adding yet another layer to your interior design scheme.

And don’t forget that you and your design team can work seamlessly to create trend combinations that speak to your individuality with ease. If it’s never been done, it’s still worth trying!

Making your backsplash dream a reality

If there’s one thing About Floors n’ More can do, it satisfies our customers when it comes to remodeling. We currently serve the areas of Jacksonville, Atlantic Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, and Neptune, FL, all from our Jacksonville, FL showroom. If you’re looking for the perfect backsplash, we’ll work hard to make sure you get it.