Area Rugs vs. Carpet: What to Choose?

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The type of flooring can bring out the best in any interior, as it occupies a big space and is among the most used parts of the house. If you're deciding between an area rug and a carpet, for instance, it could be difficult because both have their own benefits. There's no right or wrong choice, though. Everything depends on your preferences. Here's a comparison post to help you:


The ideal type of flooring depends on your time to clean. When it comes to carpets, you will need to vacuum or hire carpet-cleaning services at least every month to avoid bacteria and other microorganisms from breeding. Area rugs, on the other hand, need laundry-cleaning services. You can clean the rugs as often as you want, though, because these are easier to remove and replace.


The floor should go well with the design and existing furniture of your home. As carpets usually have distinct designs, these might or might not look good in other parts of the house. The good thing about area rugs is that these allow you to install different flooring designs depending on the room.

Area rugs are movable floor covering, while carpets are permanent and occupy the entire floor from one corner to another. If you're going to rearrange furniture, you can simply pick up the area rugs. Carpets are ideal if you prefer to walk on fabric everywhere around the house.


Carpet installation is indeed more costly than area rugs, but don't decide until you've made the computations. Decide what parts of the house need that particular type of flooring. If you're planning to install area rugs for every common area, you could be spending more because of the quantity of flooring materials you're buying.

Area rugs and carpets are good additions to your floor. If you still can't decide which is more ideal for your interiors, you can get in touch with us to consult our experts.