backsplash installation

Are backsplashes really necessary?

If you’re undergoing a kitchen or bathroom renovation, you may find yourself wondering if backsplashes are really necessary. Whether it’s something you hope to do without because of a tight budget or simply don’t like the look of, we’re going to address the necessity of backsplashes in today’s article.
Required by code or a waste of money?
While it’s technically not required by code, backsplashes are nonetheless a good choice with tile installations behind sinks. Be it in the kitchen or bathroom, you’ll often get a lot of splashes even when you’re careful. As such, backsplashes are a practical means of making sure water doesn’t get on the drywall. If it does, regular seepage may lead to the drywall rotting.
Water prevention versus visual continuity
Backsplashes, by its very definition, are tile installations that prevent damage due to water. In some cases, you’ll see a tile installation that seems totally unnecessary. For instance, it makes sense to install tiles for protection behind a sink. On the other hand, you may see a backsplash tile along the wall in the kitchen – nowhere near a sink – as a means of visual continuity to make the room look more uniform.
Backsplashes prevent drywall rot
In short, these special tile installations prevent drywall rot, the result of repeated exposure to water. That’s why it’s normally installed behind sinks. Every time you use the sink in the bathroom or kitchen, for example, the tile will protect the surrounding structures. But also, there is the added benefit of protection from grease and food splatters in cooking areas.
Add the tiles to reduce potential damage
Certainly, it’s not a requirement by any means. But, in the end, adding a tile installation in areas that see a lot of water or food mishaps offers further protection from potential damage. If you’d rather skip it because you don’t like how it’ll look, then you definitely can. It is, however, an excellent means of making sure you don’t have to fix any damage due to rotting or discoloration down the road.
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