Alleviate worry with waterproof flooring

Alleviate worry with waterproof flooring

Dampness, spills, and wet footprints can disrupt your peace of mind when it comes to the flooring in your home. But with waterproof flooring in Jacksonville, FL, you can easily alleviate that worry and create a fantastic surface.

As you consider options for your home, you should know that waterproof floors are just as impressive in bedrooms and studies as they are in bathrooms and kitchens. With added benefits, they cater to all your requirements simultaneously.

Complete protection in every space

Every homeowner prefers complete waterproof protection, if possible. This experience differs from the water resistance that some floors offer, which protects for only a few hours. Many homeowners need more than 72 hours of water resistance, and waterproof vinyl flooring offers the perfect solution.

These floors guard against spills, dampness, and humidity, giving you the peace of mind you deserve. While these products are perfect for rooms that are often in danger of water damage, they also protect every other room.

How does this work?

Waterproof protection comes from a construction that includes core layers made of wood and stone plastic composites. These materials never warp, swell, or crack, even in your dampest spaces.

But you'll get the same great performance in other rooms, where accidents may not be as frequent but still happen. With waterproof flooring, the more you know about the construction of your surfaces, the better qualities you can choose when matching your specific requirements.

Extended benefits for all

Besides waterproof capabilities, waterproof flooring also offers a stunning visual appeal, matching any décor scheme you currently have in place. Choose from colors, layouts, textures, and sizes, to complement any room.

If you want the perfect stone or wood-look surface, this product line offers something for everyone, with a wealth of visual options. But you'll also find an exciting range of abstracts, graphic designs, and geometric shapes for waterproof vinyl flooring that offers beauty, protection, and a long lifespan. With professional installation and regular care, you will enjoy lifespans that can exceed 20 years, so speak with an associate today.

We’re here for your waterproof flooring needs

Waterproof floors are well worth the investment because they offer much more than water damage protection. You'll enjoy all the collective benefits, including a surface you can trust for up to 20 years.

To discuss your requirements with a flooring professional today, visit our showroom in Jacksonville or Jacksonville (Mandarin), FL. About Floors n' More provides the best waterproof flooring in Jacksonville, Atlantic Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, and Neptune, FL.