vinyl plank flooring

Affordable luxury, high- style: Vinyl plank

It is waterproof, durable and adds a luxury and elegance to any home. If you’re longing for hardwood. but it just doesn’t meet your budget, go with vinyl, whether sheet or plank.

It works in any decor, but we’ll tell you about one ultra-hot style trending right now: Gray and white wood floors with an “organic” look, where people are actually planting herb gardens in their kitchen.  

Sometimes you’ll hear it referred to as rustic or farmhouse kitchen, and since you can get a wood plank that’s really vinyl, it’s easy to get some luxury in your home, no matter what the budget.

Not only is it easy on the wallet, because it’s a fraction of the cost of hardwood but, unlike hardwood, which can be negatively impacted by humidity and moisture, and even damaged by excess water, luxury vinyl plank is well able to stand up to the Florida weather.

Jacksonville’s About Floors ‘n More gives you the 411 on this product.  It is:

    • Fine for bath. Do you ever long for hardwood bathroom floors?  If you have, chances are you’ve been talked out of it, because the bath is well known as the “wettest room in the house”,  but you can still have that look, since it looks just like wood.
    • While decades ago, vinyl was seen as an economy flooring, it is now so fashionable that you’ll want to use these luxury “wood” planks in the living/dining area, your library and your bedroom.

    • It’s tough, and one of the most recommended products for the playroom.  Don’t worry if your kids like to drag around wheelies other pull toys. There’s a hard, clear plastic layer on top that protects it from scratches, and don’t worry if they spill.  That same surface is also what makes it waterproof, so spills just sit on the surface until they’re wiped up.

    • Easy-to-clean:  Just sweep or damp mop!  No need to wax, but do use a manufacturer-approved soap for more thorough cleaning.

    Explore the wonders of this product by coming into the About Floors ‘n More showroom in Jacksonville, FL, so our experts can tell you more.