hardwood flooring

About Floors n' More Can Install Your Hardwood Floors!

Are you looking to get hardwood floors installed? If so, you'll want to drop by our Jacksonville, FL showroom, to find out how we can help you with your upcoming renovation. No matter the surfacing material, About Floors n' More are the professionals you'll want on your side! With years of industry experience and interior design skills, we'll transform your home into exactly what you want it to be. 

Ready for a total redesign? Then, let's talk about how to prepare your house to get a hardwood floor installed. The more you do beforehand, the quicker the renovation!

Step #1: Seal Off Rooms from Dust

With redesigns, dust is the main concern, as it gets into every room, nook, and cranny, making it very hard to clean-up afterward. Stay one step ahead by completely sealing off rooms that won't be sanded, using masking tape and plastic.

Step #2: Remove Doors in Renovation Area and Store

Once all the doors in the renovation area are removed, not to mention the ones leading to the site, store them in another part of the house. Using thick blankets, separate each one to minimize scratches and dents. 

Step #3: Remove the Baseboards

The only way to properly redo surfacing, is to remove all the baseboards in the room. While you can certainly reinstall them if they've been carefully removed, most homeowners take this opportunity to simply replace them altogether. If, for whatever reason, it's not possible to remove the baseboards, contractors are capable of cutting under them with a special saw in order to insert your new planks. However, this method is indeed less preferable, as it often creates a less uniform appearance in the surfacing and also adds to work time. 

Step #4: Remove the Door Trim

The door trim is another issue to address, and one that is equally as problematic as baseboards. For a truly polished, appealing finish, you'll need to remove the old door trim, and add a new one that takes into account the variations in your new surfacing. 

Step #5: Preparing the Sub-Floor

Ahead of time, if you can, get the sub-floor solid and tight. 

Step #6: Create an Outdoor Work Area 

Create an outdoor area for workers to use where they can easily cut planks and plywood. Ideally, you would have a site that has easy access to the room being redesigned, is covered overhead in case of direct sunlight or bad weather, and access to electrical outlets.