waterproof flooring installation

Should I install waterproof flooring in my kitchen?

Yes! In fact, waterproof (WPC) is just about the perfect flooring for that room, or any room in the house, for that matter.
What is it?
A relative newcomer to the market, waterproof is an engineered, amped up version of luxury vinyl flooring (LVF).
While both are completely impervious to water, and durable, this one’s a little thicker, with a core of WPC (recycled wood and plastic composites), as opposed to PVC. It’s then topped with standard vinyl.
You can get it in plank or tile form, available in many colors, species and textures.
●Waterproof. Most of us know about the spills, stains, pipe and drain dribbles and appliance leaks that occur in kitchens and bathrooms. (The bathroom is known as the wettest room in the house).
But let’s face it; very few of us can escape the wrath of Mother Nature, even the Northeast, a region that seldom has hurricane activity, experienced Sandy in 2012. In tropical storm-prone Florida, you really need to think about that.
If you have waterproof, you can at least rest a little calmer about the flooring and storm activity.
●Style: Not the vinyl flooring you may remember from decades ago, waterproof (WPC) is a remarkable simulation, with colors, species and special features such as texturing to give it more depth.
Whether you love the farmhouse look, touches of color for the retro look that’s so popular right now, or the addition of warmth, style and elegance to the bedroom or living room, you can have it all with this.
●Easy installation. Just like LVF, this is a floating installation meaning that, with few exceptions, it can be placed right over another surface. Then the pieces click and lock.
●Rigid, yet comfortable. It has superior toughness, but th extra thickness gives it a cushion-like feel under foot.
●Easy maintenance. Just sweep regularly and mop and spot-clean. That’s it!
To learn more, feel free to come into the About Floors n’ More showroom in Jacksonville, FL.