A ‘tween falls into the age group of 11 to 13 years. That makes them too old for toys, but old enough to have friends coming and going to watch television, work on the computer, or just play some older-child games.
A ‘tween is also old enough to appreciate style and luxury, and often uses the room as her or his sanctuary, whether to read or blast music. In other words, they want to “feather their nest” with a great flooring, and that means vinyl plank.
It also makes the female ‘tween old enough to start experimenting (which means dropping and spilling) makeup.
Since this is one of the flooring materials most often recommended for playrooms, and it’s completely waterproof, it’s only natural that it would work for this age group.
Great for any room in the house
Luxury does not always translate to “high cost.” While real wood can be pricey, vinyl is a fraction of the cost. You can get it in sheets, but when cut into a plank, it gives it an even more authentic look.
It’s also not the same thing as laminate. First, the laminate core is primarily fiberboard, while the LVP one is vinyl. That makes the latter a little more flexible and softer on the feet. Another difference: LVP is completely waterproof, while excess water can damage laminate.
Second, just like its tile counterpart, plank comes in an assortment of colors. Each one is comprised of an image by high definition photography, of a wood species. While years ago the image was completely flat but, now, thanks to technology, there are textures to give the flooring a wire-brushed, antique or distressed look which adds more depth and dimension.
Third, it’s one of the most durable materials and, with proper care, can last up to 20 years and beyond. It’s layered, and at the top is a clear plastic protective layer, the same thing that makes it so waterproof also makes it impossible to “walk-off” the photographic image. It also makes it stain-resistant.
Fourth, it’s easy maintenance. We just mentioned makeup; you can remove lipstick with a little rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover. Sweep and, for a more thorough cleaning, use a manufacturer-approved detergent and a damp cloth.
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