waterproof flooring installation

High Style, Smart Savings, Function = Waterproof Flooring

Isn’t it funny how something can be so good for your health, but so destructive to some materials, and that’s why we can all use waterproof flooring.

Water is especially damaging to wood floors. In excess, it creates buckling and warping, things that really are beyond repair.  For that reason, it’s never recommended for installation in the bathroom, often referred to as the “wettest room in the house.” If you have a family room or playroom in the basement, but love wood, forget it. You need something waterproof for your flooring.

Luckily, there are three materials that deliver this.  They are:

  • Tile.  This completely impervious-to-water material adds a lot of fashion to your home, what with all the colors, patterns and designs available.  Want to create your own personal statement? Get the creative juices flowing, and make your own unique pattern.

Don’t worry if budget is tight, because you can always use a less expensive one on the larger square footage, with some more highly designed ones as accents. One caveat, however:  If you have kids or pets (especially senior ones), know that tile can be cool and hard to lie on, and slippery when wet. They can also create hard falls.

  • Luxury vinyl.  This is exactly what you want if you’re longing for a wood-look in a room where hardwood isn’t recommended.  It’s also what you want if you desire tile, but your budget won’t allow it. Luxury vinyl can be cut into planks or tile-sized pieces, with a realistic, high definition photographic image.  

It’s completely waterproof, and your flooring will love the durability and easy care. The reason it’s so durable and waterproof is largely because of a very tough clear plastic wear layer on top.

It’s also a little more soft and flexible, so it’s easier to stand on than some flooring types.

  • Natural stone.  Want your house to look like an Italian palazzo?  That’s marble! Or make it look like a castle with travertine floors. Or slate or granite.  

Convinced that waterproof is the way to go? Come into the About Floors ‘n More showroom in Jacksonville, FL, so our experts can tell you about this terrific flooring.