Does waterproof flooring require underpadding?

Does waterproof flooring require underpadding?

As you search for the perfect waterproof flooring in Jacksonville, FL, you will have questions that will decide your product needs. One of those questions concerns underpadding and whether it's necessary for this product line.

The fact is that waterproof floors do not require underpadding as a general rule. Here are some points that may help you decide whether you'll need underpadding in your specific remodel.

What to know about waterproof flooring

Understanding the construction of your specific flooring type can go a long way in helping you figure out what your underlayment needs are. If you choose a rigid core waterproof vinyl flooring, you may not need this added protection because the materials are so dense and rigid.

With a thinner floor covering, underpadding can help decrease wear and telegraphing in uneven areas and improve comfort and noise reduction. But in products such as waterproof laminate, which is waterproof from the top to the bottom, underpadding can also guard against water damage from the bottom.

Choose an underlay anyway

Even if you think you have no reason to choose underpadding, it could be in your best interest to add it anyway. Not only will your waterproof flooring be better protected from moisture and humidity, but it can also offer increased noise suppression, masking the sound of walking, electronics, footfall, and voices.

But more than that, you’ll appreciate an increased lifespan that could add five years or more to your surface lifespan. It will cost a bit more, but the results are worth adding to your project of any size.

Without an underlay

Neglecting the underlayment in your flooring remodel could mean you’ll later have to deal with wet, warped flooring that caters to mildew and decreases structural integrity. In certain rooms, a waterproof vinyl flooring underlayment is more critical than in others due to factors that affect the performance and visual appeal of your flooring. Share your requirements with our staff and let us know how we can help you.

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