Many homeowners come into our About Floors n' More showroom in Jacksonville, FL worried about whether their new wood flooring can handle their furry best friend. We tell them there's no need to worry too much, as long as they choose premium materials for their wood flooring installation. Still not convinced your Mastiff won't ruin your new engineered hardwood? Read through our information, and find out for yourself that dogs and hardwood flooring can coexist in beautiful harmony.

Protect Floors With Regular Cleaning
Fido sure loves the great outdoors, but you may not realize just how much of the great outdoors he carries into the house... on his paws. All that sand, grit and gunky stuff acts like sandpaper, damaging the surface of your floors. Keep wood in tip-top shape with daily sweeping, something you're probably doing already with all that dog hair. Aside from sandy substances, you'll also want to maintain floors by mopping away any stains left behind.

Learn Which Materials Work and Which Don't
The chief concern that pet owners bring up time and time again has to do with claw scratches. Before a wood flooring installation, homeowners need to understand that some materials can hold up to pets, while others won't pass muster. In the end, we suggest you forgo pine species. They look lovely, but they're much too soft, and claws will inevitably damage them. Instead, opt for other varieties that are more durable, though we always recommend additional surface coating for protection.

Use These 3 Top Tips to Avoid Superficial Damage
#1. When discussing renovations with your installation team, request additional coats of finish. The more coats you add, the more surfacing protection you'll have in place to ensure that scratches will never reach the wood layer.
#2. Keep your pet's claws trimmed to minimize surface damage. Though their nails won't cause permanent damage, you're better off preventing this scenario.
#3. Lay down carpets or rugs in areas where your pup likes to run, like entryways and the halls, to keep surfacing materials in excellent shape.