4 Unique, affordable, and easy-to-install backsplashes

4 Unique, affordable, and easy-to-install backsplashes

In the kitchen and bathroom, backsplashes aren’t just functional, they’re a wonderful design element that can add personality and flair. While they do indeed protect from flying food and water mishaps, they also instill a unique character to your space. With all that beauty and all that drama, you may be convinced comes a hefty price. However, we’ve come up with 4 incredibly unique – and shockingly affordable – easy-to-install backsplash options that will no doubt amaze you.


Depending on which tiles you choose, you can find aluminum and faux tin options that are simple to install. With a cost that's hard to resist, you can even get a large, continuous roll or tile sections that can be cut down to size. They're also easy to install in hard to reach areas, like below lower cabinets or around mirrors. Get a look that's truly one-of-a-kind with brass, tin, aluminum, copper or other metal finish.

Decorative ceiling tiles

You might be thinking – ceiling tiles as backsplashes? As they're typically manufactured in the same manner and to the same specifications as wall or flooring tiles, you can easily add these for a true sense of flair. Some ceiling tiles, depending on their material, can even be adjusted to size. As for installation, professionals that normally install backsplashes tend to use a nail gun or adhesive epoxy, though it depends on the material.

Mosaic ceramic or porcelain tiles

There's absolutely no reason why you can't add a generous splash of color to your kitchen or bathroom with mosaic tile installation. These backsplashes now come in a peel-and-stick option that makes it super simple for installers to attach then grout. Sheets come in a wide variety of colors, ranging from the same tone to a variety of shades of the same color to multicolored options.

Painted wall

And, if you're still stuck on which backsplash would best suit your home, you can always go with a good old-fashioned painted wall. While it's normally less expensive than some tile installations, that doesn't mean it's a low-quality option. Rather, if you select a high-quality, waterproof paint, it can withstand some pretty messy situations. Choose it as a for-now alternative until you decide which backsplash to go with, or just keep it as is!

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