When Decorating Start with the Rug - Why not French?

For decorating, you have to start somewhere, so why not with the rug!

Looking at rugs can be as lavish a feast for your eyes as looking at paintings, and no one who loves beauty should miss either.  It is easier to select an area rug first, and then choose coordinating colors from the rug for walls and furnishings.

Find a rug you are truly comfortable with, and continue those colors in the room and connecting rooms for a flow of hues.  Looks at as many rugs as you can, especially the great ones like aubusson, needlepoint and soumack.

Aubusson rugs were named for the city in Central France where the weave was originated.  This historic weave was born during the French decorative arts era.  The floor runners that are used today were originally wall panels and also use for side hangers for window treatments.

At the beginning of the 17th Century during the reign of Queen Anne, Chinoiserie and Baroque styles of large flowers in full bloom became the vogue.  This was the true emergence of needlepoint floor fashion ranging from architectural to vibrant tropical to soft colored toiles that bring any room into today’s vogue.

Soumack rugs can be considered hot, the very latest must-have. Designs can be every inspired, ranging from ancient Oushaks to contemporary art.  Soumacks are highly durable rugs that can update a room at an unexpected price.  Soumacks can be a perfect rug solution for young families and second homes.

The goal is to create a personal style when it is, in fact, personal.  All beautiful French interiors work because owners follow their instincts.  Know your style, and don’t feel like you have to follow the rules by making everything match or decorated in a particular time frame.  Understanding the difference between “matching everything” and “creating a blend” will make a seamless flow between the past and the present.