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Before Going on Vacation, Make Sure Your Floors Will Be Safe with These 3 Must-Dos

Will you be going on vacation anytime soon? While you may have no problem remembering to bring Rover to your in-laws, will you recall your precious wood flooring? Homeowners, if you've spent a small fortune on a wood flooring installation, then you'll undoubtedly want to listen to our About Floors n' More home care advice. Our Jacksonville, FL showroom pros have come up with some helpful hints to make sure you don't return home from that sun-filled beach yoga retreat to a heart-wrenching hardwood flooring disaster! While you're away, maintain your interior climate with this priceless advice.

Step #1: Check the Forecast
Before you leave, check what weather your area will expect, as this will help you figure out how to maintain your home's interior climate. Regardless of the type of wood, be it solid or engineered hardwood, the weather will give you an idea of outdoor temperature and humidity levels. Even though you're somewhere in another part of the world, your floors still need a constant degree of humidity and temperature.

Step #2: Keep That Thermostat On!
At the last minute, most people roam the house unplugging appliances and switching off non-essential items. But, when it comes to the thermostat, it needs to stay on to control the environment indoors. Set it to keep an ideal atmosphere, which is a humidity level between 30-50%, and a temperature between 65-75 degrees. Overall, the key is to avoid drastic fluctuations that could damage a wood flooring installation.

Step #3: Close Your Skylights and Windows
Yes, it may sound silly to have to note the closing of all windows, but when you're in a rush to catch that plane, it's easy to forget the (not so) little things. That's why homeowners should add this to their "to do" list, keeping in mind that if they skip this important step, they may return home to find that an unexpected rainstorm flooded their home, damaging their floors beyond repair. In the end, this little task has some huge repercussions.