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At About Floors n More, we understand how much you like to shop on your own, and in our Mohawk Floorscapes showroom, we give you complete control over the shopping experience you can enjoy. Our showroom is designed with an array of specialty “shops” that categorize products by function and style.

Premium carpets deliver a grand feeling of comfort for any inch of space in your home. Our team of specialists will guide you in discovering the suitable texture of our different products, allowing you to bring your room the feeling your personally love. With many colors and designs to match with any décor, our selection is sure to satisfy your unique needs.

Check out our extensive collection of tones, styles, materials, and textures to decide on the carpeting that fits into your taste and space. ... Read more

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Carpet Textures Shop

Offers practical and stylish carpets combining hard-to-find textures and colors to change the course of light, bathing your space with a rainbow of hues, from a subtle glow to a radiant gleam.

Fashion Statements Shop

Features sumptuously casual carpets to enrich your home environment for inviting, warm, and comfortable living experience in an array of décor choices.

Carpet Speciality Shop

Displays an impressive collection of textured and multi-colored carpets in both loop and cut pile constructions in a myriad of color schemes to improve your home lifestyle with versatile design options.

Home & Office Shop

Features chic and sturdy carpets delivering optimum functionality in professional working areas; be it at home, an office space, or a retail setting.

Buy your carpet in Jacksonville, FL only from the company that leads the industry in quality and customer service. Contact us today for any inquiries.

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